Our Portable Sanitation Units

Why our portable sanitation units are better

If your specifications or requirements differ from our standard units, call and speak with our portable sanitation team and we will make sure we have the units that you need.

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Standard Units

Featuring revolutionary, self-closing hinges, a heavy-duty rotary latch, deep ambidextrous door pull and a re-engineered door frame.


ADA Compliant Units

ADA portable potty

Because accessibility is important, Blue Box Portable Sanitation offers ADA compliant portable toilets to meet the needs of even the most diverse crowds. These units are specially appointed to allow for easy wheelchair admittance.

Each of Blue Box Portable Sanitation’s ADA compliant portable toilets are complied with a flat floor design paired with hand railings and enough space to allow for wheelchairs to make a 360-degree turn inside the portable restroom makes ADA compliant portable toilets comfortable and simple to use for guests in wheelchairs or families with children.

Blue Box Portable Sanitation recommends that every event and location include at least one ADA compliant portable toilet rental in order to cater to all guests. Common events and locations where ADA compliant portable toilets are used. For more information about ADA compliant portable toilets or to arrange for porta potty rentals, call today to speak with a Blue Box Portable Sanitation specialist.

At Blue Box Portable Sanitation, our standard portable toilets are specially designed to cater to user comfort. Spacious interiors and well-crafted ventilation plans work to reduce odors through a combination of floor and molded-in wall vents that facilitation continuous airflow. Unlike some standard portable toilets, our unit urinals drain down the vent pipe to prevent unwanted tank odors from emitting back into the cabana.

Our standard portable toilet seats are positioned at the furthest point away from the urinal to keep as much distance from odor and direct sunlight, which can increase odors. In addition, standard portable toilets have a door hook to hang purses, bags or jackets. Together, these features produce a more comfortable and pleasant experience for facility occupants.

Because cleanliness is top priority at Blue Box Portable Sanitation, we’ve made our standard portable toilets easy to clean and service. The front sloping tank top, slightly domed floor and smooth, deep sumped tank contributes to our standard portable toilet’s sanitary qualities. Adding slope to the tank and floor surface forces liquids to drain instead of puddle and a sumped tank improves deodorizer coverage and promises quick and complete waste removal.

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