Portable Sanitation Services

Special Events

Special events like weddings, family reunions and holiday gatherings often bring large groups of people together at homes built for single families. To avoid a sanitation slip-up, look to Blue Box Portable Sanitation for portable restroom solutions that will keep your wedding day or family gathering comfortable and most importantly – clean.

Weddings present a unique sanitation challenge. Your guests will be dressed in their best for the occasion and will expect a clean and classy ceremony and reception. You wouldn’t want just any porta potty or hand wash station present for your special day. You’ll want portable restrooms that are well appointed and sophisticated so that they blend in with the wedding venue.

At Blue Box Portable Sanitation there is a sanitation alternative to indoor restrooms for every type of event. From weddings and tailgate parties to holiday parties or family reunions, our same day and weekend delivery makes us the number one choice for porta potty rentals or portable restrooms for any event or venue type.

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Porta-potties for Special Events
Porta-potties for Private Parties

Private Parties

The experts at Blue Box Portable Sanitation will assist in outfitting your private party with the right make and number of private party porta potty rentals to ensure that your event is a success! For private parties like corporate events, maintaining a professional and safe environment for guests is extremely important. To uphold your reputation, we only supply events with the most sanitary facilities.

If alcohol will be present for large groups, our private party porta potty rental experts recommend increasing the number of sanitation facilities on-site. At Blue Box Portable Sanitation. we make private party and corporate event planning easy with same day and weekend delivery. Paired with our friendly customer service and you’ve got a sanitation company this is next to none.

Call today to speak with a private party porta potty rental consultant. They’ll listen to your event details and fit your unique party with the perfect sanitation facilities.

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Concerts are meant to provide good, clean, safe fun. Give concertgoers the opportunity to enjoy the show without the concern of unsanitary restroom facilities and long lines with Blue Box Portable Sanitation.

We provide large-scale outdoor sanitation facilities to keep visitors comfortable and clean as well as handicapped units that offer easy access in consideration of anyone who would like to enjoy the concert venue. Our sanitation consultants will ensure that you order the right quantity of concert porta potty rentals and hand wash stations for the event.

Blue Box Portable Sanitation proudly provides concert porta potty rentals for many local, state and national concerts and music charity events. Our reputation for delivering the cleanest and most sophisticated portable restroom solutions has outdoor concert venues and event planners depending on us for their concert porta potty rental needs.

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Porta-potties for concerts
Porta-potties for Fairs and Festivals

Fairs and Festivals

City and state fairs and festivals bring people of all ages together each year to enjoy a menagerie of games, rides, vendors, events and shows. It’s the perfect time for areas to encourage community pride, but if sanitation facilities aren’t up-to-code, you’re likely to damage the town’s reputation and the fair-goers experience.

Blue Box Portable Sanitation’s fair & festival porta potty rental consultants will help determine the perfect number and unit types to ensure safe, clean fun. Our staff is well acquainted with the specific sanitary requirements of fairs and festivals. Because children, adults and elderly individuals are likely to join in the fun, you’ll want fair & festival porta potty rentals that cater to everyone. From handicap units that provide easy entry and exit to standard hand washing stations that are operated by foot pump, Blue Box Portable Sanitation will outfit your festival with the perfect fair porta potty rentals to keep everyone happy.

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Commercial Construction

Constructing a commercial building is vastly different and more involved than constructing a home. Commercial buildings are unique and generally require more time and labor to erect, which means construction crews are calling a commercial building site home base for many months before the project is completed. To maintain proper working conditions and provide employees with clean restroom and wash facilities, many commercial construction sites turn to Blue Box Portable Sanitation.

At Blue Box Portable Sanitation, we boast having a reputation that meets even the highest expectations and can provide same day delivery along with prompt routine cleaning to ensure that sanitation is always maintained throughout the duration of your construction project.

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Porta-potties for Commercial Construction
Porta-potties for Residential Construction

Residential Construction

Construction jobs in the Tampa heat are hard enough without having to deal with unsanitary portable restrooms. You don’t want trades leaving the job site in search of a cleaner bathroom and you don’t want clients or nearby neighbors appalled at the sanitary conditions. The solution to this dilemma can be found with Blue Box Portable Sanitation.

With the help of our sanitation specialists, your residential construction site will be equipped with the proper number and type of units to ensure the highest level of sanitation for your employees, colleagues, clients and the surrounding area community.

We also offer same day delivery and quick cleaning service so that your residential construction porta potty rentals are constantly maintained and up-to-code. For the very best sanitation facilities in Florida, depend on none other than Blue Box Portable Sanitation, where sanitation and dependability is an integral part of our daily routine.

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Florida is well known for its robust agricultural industry. Agriculture is a demanding line of work that requires many laborious hours tending to crop fields and livestock. It’s also a job that necessitates a high level of sanitation be met in order to remain compliant with state and federal rules and regulations. For this reason, farmers depend on Blue Box Portable Sanitation to provide superiorly clean agricultural porta potty rentals.

Standard portable toilets are built to withstand harsh conditions while providing a clean and comfortable alternative to indoor plumbing. Industrial trailers with single or double units are the perfect solution for farmers tending a large field, as they can be moved easily from place-to-place as needed.

All of our agricultural porta potty rentals are in compliance with state and federal regulations for field sanitation to ensure that your reputation and quality of service is upheld. At Blue Box Portable Sanitation, we offer same day delivery along with a timely cleaning schedule to promote extremely clean restroom and wash station environments.

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Porta-potties for Agricultural
Porta-potties for disaster relief

Disaster Relief

Tropical Storms and Hurricanes are a cost of doing business in Florida. Blue Box Portable Sanitation can provide portable toilets and disaster relief waste services to redress damages caused by Tropical Storms and Hurricanes such as Irma, Michael, Maria. When the going gets tough, Blue Box Portable Sanitation gets going!

When the next tropical storm or hurricane hits the greater Tampa area it’s better to be prepared, call Blue Box Portable Sanitation, a company standing by for your needs to help you deal with immense devastation and demand for sanitation. Don’t get overwhelmed by the next tropical storm or hurricane. Call Blue Box Portable Sanitation for strong customer service and a sanitary waste experience.

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